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Mechanical Support

We suppose the anxcious which you will have after purchasing your vehicle is mechanical trouble.
These are not a new car whitch you'll bay and about to start driving on the road.
You cannot get rid of the risk from verious mechanical trouble as long as you own the vehicle.
To reduce such kind risk, we are preparing special service named " Mechanical Support " .
When you facing any car trouble, please contact us by Email or Skype.
We will hear symptoms of the vehicle from you, and then we will give you considereble and suitable advices concerning your vehicle.
Costs are all free.
No limits how many times you contact us while 6 months after you purchasing from us. please feel free to contact us any time.
( NOTE : This service is not the warrant which covers your vehicle from any
 mechanical troubles and accidents.
 This service is valid for 6 months after you purchased the vehicle from
 Zebra Zone co.,ltd.)

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