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Akira Umemura

The management polcy of our conpany is always has to be in a customers side and be thinking from their position.
please feel free to contact us anytime !

Front Manager
Shigeyuki Nakajima

Same as his looking, he is a very kind peason who I've ever known. Actually, he has been feeding 6 people including a couple of adopted children. Please join us !

Chief Mechanic
Susumu Shimizu

Our chief mechanich. He has variety of knowledge of fixing vehicles espeacislly rather came from old era vehicles. Why don't you can ask him if you got mechanical trouble ?

Sales Stuff
Munetaka Yano

Still 23 years old guy he is.
He has a very kind and polite
character,too. He is in charge
of clean up the vehicles.
Please remember him.

Sales Stuff
Masayoshi Ieko

He is a one who is in charge of purchasing both vehicles and auto parts. And also in charge of dismantling scrap vehicles.
His knowledge of auto parts are huge. I am glad to make your acquaintance.

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